Somatic Sex Education

Modern sex education through the lens of pleasure...

What is Somatic Sex Education? :

  • "Soma" means "of the body,"  combining a blend of science-based, modern sex education through the lens of pleasure with Taoist Erotic Massage and Dr. Betty Martin's The Wheel of Consent

  • Experiential in nature; exploring how our bodies respond to touch, sound, breath, movement in a safe-enough environment where emphasis is placed on empowering your choice & voice

"I support individuals, couples and groups to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality or work through sexual issues or concerns.You might need or want to talk about your sexual history, health, relationships or a combination. This may be all you need or want, and we can hash that out in a consultation.

 Who is this for and why is it such necessary work to do? :

  • It's 2019. You have options. You CAN have a rich relationship with your body, your sex life with or without partner(s)!

  • When you work from the inside out, meaning soothing your nervous system through practices that cultivate safety, awareness & belonging; awakening our senses through simple yet PROFOUND activities.

  • You will walk away having gained the tools and permission to find what turns you off or on and the courage to voice what is true to yourself and the people in your life

  • There are aspects of Somatic Sex Education relevant for every age, however for the sake of this particular offering and website my practice is open to ADULTS ONLY 19 and over.

  • **Parents and guardians can absolutely send an e-mail about educational pieces for kids and teens.  

ALL bodies welcome. Please ask me about ethics in my practice. As much as possible I make myself available for conversation and dialogue around how I can better support my clients, and that means opening up to say I don't have all the answers. To making mistakes and learning from them.

Please know that all sessions including consultations are confidential, and intended for your education, your support and of course pleasure, ultimately.

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