What To Expect

Q. What is Somatic Sex  Education and how do I prepare myself?

A. Soma means "of the body"; this learning is experiential and helps you to build awareness & presence through embodiment exercises, breathwork, sounds and bodily movement. SSE takes a modern approach to Sex Ed through the lens of arousal/pleasure.

Please read this student checklist: https://somaticsexeducators.com/client-checklist-for-working-with-a-somatic-sex-educator/

Q. Do I have to stay dressed?

A. This greatly depends on the kind of session and which service you are accessing.

Q. What happens if I don't fill out the application completely before hitting send?
A. No one will respond, or you will be directed to fill out the form in its entirety.

Q. What is acceptable hygiene for in person sessions with you?
A. Whatever you are comfortable in, as long as you have showered and do not wear scents, or as little scented products as possible.

Q. What happens if I need to reschedule with you?
A. In person sessions I need at least 24 hours notice, and with Life Coaching clients I'm open to rescheduling as needed due to the nature of our time together.

Q. Why is Somatic Sex Education and/or life coaching beneficial?
A.Whether you realize it or not, it takes a village to raise a child. Most of the planet operates under patriarchal systems that put the onus on the individual to have all the answers - in the West it has created a culture of hyper-individualism. SSE & Life Coaching are counter-normative practices; you may work for yourself, not by yourself.

Q. Are our conversations confidential?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do we meet?
A. Either over Zoom conference or in person in my office close to downtown Victoria, British Columbia

.Q. Where do we meet?
A. Either over Zoom conference or in person in my office close to downtown Victoria, British Columbia

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Payments are taken at the time of booking here on the website via PayPal, or if need be E-Transfer to an email address I provide to you. For accessibility's sake, you can drop off cash to me to book your sessions if you are local/able.

Q. Refunds?

A. There are generally no refunds. 


A. It’s always appreciated but this is your choice. Other ways include booking another session, a written testimonial or referral which are all just as wonderful.

Q. "I have a dumb question,"

A. There are no stupid questions. Please ask me.

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