Alchemize Your Pleasure

When I first started on my path to become fully expressed and in my power, it didn't happen over night, nor did I do it by myself.

It took partnering with several coaches, both 1:1 and in group settings over the course of a couple of years for me to own this dream! Now I can smell, taste, touch and feel this dream - it's my reality.

To move beyond the limiting stories ego wants us to believe, to sit here and write this content faithfully, to build the career, have the relationships of your dreams, it takes the recognition that you need a support base to move through and overcome the stuff holding you back from having the beautiful life you desire so deeply.

When people ask "what I do," as a Transformational Life Coach and Somatic Sex Educator, I help people who feel like strangers in their bodies & relationships learn how to trust their feelings & intuition to become the fully expressed versions of themselves they truly desire to be.

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