Who is The Orgasmic Life Coach?

I was born on Coast Salish Territory on the mainland in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a child I was heavily into Psychology; particularly self-help books, as well as the Occult. Sensitive, quiet and observant, reading was a large part of how I spent my time. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and then bullying later on in my childhood and youth, I used books to understand, inform, and disconnect me from some of the things happening in my life. As part of an older family, I learned early on in life what it was to lose close loved ones, and witness grief and mental illness in action. Through that, my parents and I formed a tight knit bond, even in our dysfunction.


Finding purpose and pleasure has been a life-long journey, and one that is a family pattern it seems. In my late teens and into mid twenties I developed an eating disorder – one that I’d later find out is directly related to early childhood trauma and body dysmorphic disorder. I held a deep internal belief that something was inherently wrong with me and this played out in all of my relationships. Eventually I was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and really only through a terrible break-up years ago was I able to put words to what I had been feeling and experiencing for years.

A few years ago over Yule/Winter Solstice I decided the world needed more LOVE. The platonic kind! The dominant culture, ie Patriarchy, deems touch as something only lovers can do, but this has created isolation and confusion – so as a feminist, and someone who feels the effects, witnesses the effects in others, I saw fit to offer a solution: platonic cuddling. Thus, Cuddle Ventures was born. That led me down the rabbit hole and into sex coaching.

It’s been a dream come true studying Somatic Sex Education here on Vancouver Island. Pleasure activism is so necessary, regardless of your life experience. Consent culture – Expressing choice and voice, feeling the glory of our ‘FUCK YES,’ and our ‘FUCK NO’s has had a deep impact in every facet of my life to date. I credit Caffyn Jesse, Captain Snowdon and Corinne Diachuk with holding such incredible space for all of us, their students, to BE OURSELVES FULLY.


As of Fall 2019 I am a Certifed Life Coach through the ICF-accredited Inner Glow Circle. This year I am into the final phase of my Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Body Work Certifications. Currently I am mentoring under Corinne Diachuk. My goal is to become a PCC level Life Coach by 2021 and be up and running workshops, retreats, podcasts so please continue to watch for the evolution.

Dr. Betty Martin: Wheel of Consent

Somatic Sex Educator's Association: www.somaticsexeducators.com

Somatic Sex Educator's Code of Ethics: https://somaticsexeducators.com/professional-ethics/

International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics: https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

Have you ever thought of becoming a Certified Life Coach? PLEASE ask, I am an affiliate for Inner Glow Circle.

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