Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to Suck Ass (Unless You’re Into That!)

Go after your desires in a way that feels really fucking good

Tired of putting your pleasure last? Are you OVER feeling insecure about your body or landing in partnerships that don’t serve you? Are you ready to release and rise into your purpose but just not sure how EXACTLY you’re supposed to get there?

Mmmhm, I feel you!

Learning how to listen to your bodily wisdom (that powerful voice deep within you) and gaining the tools to create a life of abundance, wholeness, and PLEASURE can feel overwhelming as heck. Or just plain unattainable.

Well… spoiler alert… it’s not! You just need the proper support, space, and compassion to get there. This is exactly what I do with somatic sex education, personal development coaching, and body-based practices to help you show up in pleasure and ease.

But Wait…What Exactly is Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic Sex Education is the study of sex through body-based teachings. It acknowledges that sovereignty is a fundamental human right, and that education focused on both safety AND pleasure are healthy, basic rights and resources for all.

Who I Do This Work With

  • Women & all individuals with vulvas

  • Queer people

  • Neurodiverse people

  • Disabled people

  • Trauma survivors

Sexological Bodywork was founded by Joseph Kramer and was developed as a way to assist people in developing a loving relationship with their erotic ways of being.

The containers I offer draw from a number of practices within the scope of Somatic Sex Education & Sexological Bodywork that centre around a few guiding principles:

  • You will slowly build trust in your nervous system and body, which builds your capacity for sensation.

  • An approach based on the Wheel of Consent method (by Dr. Betty Martin) to help you understand how to create agreements about and for touch. Also known as asking for what you want, (which may or may not be related to touch.)

  • Together, we’ll move at the speed of trust as you learn to verbalize and mobilize what is alive in you, with confidence.

Download My Self Pleasure Guide

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Hi, I’m Claire

Certified personal development coach, recovering people pleaser, somatic sex educator & sexological bodyworker.

If this spicy, eccentric, smoked tofu eating, curry loving, drum-n-bass dancing, west coaster can create a life I once fantasized about, you get to be messy and imperfect as you learn and unfold into the being you are too!

Only you are the expert of your body. Pleasure is an internal experience and not inherently sexual; not given or received but experienced from within.

I am a guide on your exploration of your erotic self. Beyond should or supposed to - what do you truly desire?

What working with me looks like

Our first session together will start with your history and a thorough assessment. It’s an opportunity to acquire a felt sense of each other’s presence. The energetic fields around our bodies.

This first session does not offer touch - and touch may not be possible or relevant depending on whether you’re seeing me for virtual or in-person sex education, somatic coaching, life coaching, business consulting, or bodywork.

We will get clear on what your goals and desires are and I will offer a description of how this process will get you there.


There are currently four ways to partner together for your sensual liberation or life’s vision.

Wheel of Agreements Program - 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions based in the methods of Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent. You will focus on the possibilities and agreements about/for touch. You will gain a greater awareness of power dynamics, how they affect your nervous system, ability to choose and advocate for yourself.

Virtual Life or Business Coaching - 1:1 virtual coaching for women and vulva havers, focused on foundational mindset and shadow work, and infusing your vision for your life or career with the joy you crave.

EMS Body Sculpting - for in-person sessions based in Victoria B.C. Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) strengthens, tones and firms tough to target areas and releases serotonin, increases blood circulation, and reduces cellulite. A great pain management tool for those with certain acute and chronic illnesses.

Grounding Into Pleasure online, self-paced course that gives you weekly practices and tools to explore your sexual wellness.

How to Start Working Together

(1) Fill in the intake form here to book your complimentary call!

(2) This is NOT a sales call. Instead, your Clarity Call is an opportunity for you to receive coaching and counsel around what is in your best interest, and in your heart, so that you can get clear on what is in your highest good. It is a time for both you and Claire to curiously explore what the possibilities are within this coaching relationship.

(3) Once your package is chosen and purchase is complete you will receive a welcome package email with the coaching agreement, a first practice, a booking link, and have had email, Instagram, DM, or Zoom correspondence with Claire directly to agree when your first and following sessions will take place. Meeting at the same time and day each week (or interval you mutually agree on) is ideal.

Get Ready to Transformmmm

Just a few of the wins my past clients have seen within their lives and relationships


“Claire’s perceptiveness and insight were miraculous! With their sensitive guidance, my partner and I were able to meet each other with fresh eyes. I felt so safely held and understood, like she really got me and we were working in partnership to progress.”


“The most important gift I got from Claire was the gentle and steady reminder to focus on myself and my desires genuinely, not what I thought I “should want”, or what I thought was “good for me”. They have a warm, confident, and intuitive touch, which is no small thing in this work. I felt held and cared for by Claire - mentally, emotionally, and physically. I highly recommend them to anyone ready to invest in this deeply intimate and meaningful work.”


“I had the pleasure of working with Claire over six months, during which they helped me navigate the ups and downs of a new relationship that started in the pandemic. Most importantly, Claire helped me overcome some of my biggest inhibitions around sex - feelings that I had so deeply internalized and carried with me well into my early 30s”


“Claire’s deep compassion, amazing hands, and exquisite listening make them a great somatic coach and bodyworker. I’ve found the sacred space they create to be deeply healing and create transformative openings for growth. They are a blessing and I highly recommend their work.”


Start Focusing on Your Sexual Wellbeing

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